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Rathcroghan, County Roscommon – one of the ‘Celtic Royal Sites’ of Ireland has been recognised by UNESCO in 2010 as having the potential for World Heritage Status. In coming years, the Rathcroghan Royal Complex will stand alongside Newgrange and Tara as a place through which Irish and international visitors can connect with our ancient past.

Rathcroghan was the seat of Royalty in the West of Ireland for nearly 2000 years. Here, you can explore Irish history through the ages; walk the land of Celtic Warrior Queen Maeve, see where the great bulls fought their epic battle in the Cattle Raid of Cooley, follow the Druid’s quest for knowledge to the sacred triple spring of healing, stand where the Gaelic Kings stood to fight invading tyranny and receive their rightful crowns.

Cruachan Aí Heritage Centre interprets for you the Rathcroghan Complex, an area with over 200 sites and many stories. including Oweynagat (Cave of the Cats) the entrance to the Celtic Otherworld and home to the Goddess Morrigan; which is located between Cashel Mannannan – a druid school connected with Manannán Mac Lír – and Cruachan, the home of Warrior Queen Medb (Maeve Queen of Connacht) who started The Cattle Raid of Cooley (an Táin).