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Lough Key Forest Park & Tree Top Walk

Lough Key has for many centuries drawn people to its spectacular views, abundant wildlife, historic buildings and evocative islands.

This beautiful landscape is steeped in a rich history, beginning with Neolithic and Bronze Age settlements, continuing through the 12th Century rule of the MacDermot Clan and up to the 1600′s when the Lough Key lands were granted to an English family under the Cromwellian settlement. The Kings resided at Rockingham, as their estate was known, until 1957 when a huge fire destroyed their mansion, although it was the early 1970s before the ruins were finally razed to the ground.

Now after major development the historic backdrop encompasses a landmark cluster of unique attractions serving the needs of a 21st century visitor with a new lakeside centre providing an ideal gateway for gentle leisurely activities or more energetic pursuits in the Park.

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